The West Indian Way of Travel

The West Indian Way of Travel

One thing about West Indians: we take the airport seriously! Growing up, we had to get there three hours early with a homemade meal because no one was buying overpriced airport food. Let’s not even talk about the guaranteed scene at the ticket counter, someone (mommy or auntie) frantically repacking because their bag was overweight. And their bags, passed down from one family member to a next, all had a unique piece of material tied to the handle so nobody would teef off ah we luggage or as we say in the states, "so we can find our bags easily."

Now that we’re all adults and have purchased our own luggage, we talk about our favorite items that minimize the chaos of traveling. Our dream suitcase has the perfect number of inner pockets, TSA-approved locks, and colors that are easy to spot but won’t look filthy after two trips.

To accommodate long journeys with big families and modest budgets, we need:

  • wheels that work because it’s always a long walk to the gate (and if we complain, they'll remind us how they had to walk miles to school in the hot sun).
  • something that warns people not to stand close up underneath me because they are too disgusting!
  • bags that won’t break easy cuz we're definitely overpacking and the ground crew throws them around like dice
  • a sturdy luggage tag because they're good for losing your bag having to send it to you later
  • easy to grab passport
    • Why are passport covers so dark? Trying to find it at the bottom of your bag while rushing to the TSA agent is a challenge we don’t need.
  • a bright, beach towel
    • The ones at the hotel are all the same color, making it impossible to know which white towel is yours among the other fifty guests at the pool.

We understand these travel shenanigans all too well. That’s why we’ve designed travel accessories that combine practicality with your specific, cultural needs.

From brightly colored passport covers to unique luggage tags and durable suitcases with plenty of pockets, we got you. Plus, our vibrant beach towels will stand out at any beach or poolside, ensuring you never lose yours among the sea of white. *wink*

Whether it's a long journey or a quick getaway, stay organized, stylish, and stress-free.

Traveling mercies y'all!

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